[IPython-User] Tips to speed up notebook?

G B g.c.b.at.work@gmail....
Sun Oct 14 18:17:49 CDT 2012

I'm getting further along with my first major iPython notebook project.  I've been using it for designing and documenting an engineering project— the combination of Python, sympy, inline matplotlib, and text editing make it a fantastic tool for documenting while designing.

Here's the problem I'm having: it's grinding to a halt.  The python calculation is still sufficiently fast, but the notebook editing has become painfully slow— to the point that I type a line in a cell and then work on something else while the characters type in one at a time.  Just typing pegs my CPU.  I'm guessing it's because the notebook is now over 20 printed pages and the HTML/Javascript layout engine just has too much to do.

I'm using Safari, and a 0.14 dev version of the source from a couple months back.

Any hints on how to accelerate this?  If it's a layout issue, I'd almost like to hide whole sections from view while I work, but I'd need to keep the python code live.  Or break it into chapters in some way that the earlier results are available in later chapters, but not drawn in the browser.

I'd like to avoid taking earlier results and importing them as a python module, because it breaks the concurrent documentation of the process.


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