[IPython-User] QT Console - configuring font size

Paul Moore p.f.moore@gmail....
Sat Oct 27 17:02:48 CDT 2012

The font size in the Qt Console is too small on my (Windows 7) PC. I
have done some searches and found Ctrl-+ to temporarily change the
size, but all I could find on doing so permanently was a note from a
year or so ago saying you had to hack on the internals, but when the
new config stuff was in, it would be easier. From what I understand,
the new config referred to is what is now in 0.13.1 (which is what I'm
using). Is there a setting for the font size anywhere now? As a more
general question, how can I find out for myself what config options
are available to me (I'm thinking in terms of introspecting from the
ipython prompt, or looking at sources, rather than expecting
everything to be documented).


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