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Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Sun Oct 28 03:50:37 CDT 2012

Le 28 oct. 2012 à 00:02, Paul Moore a écrit :

> The font size in the Qt Console is too small on my (Windows 7) PC. I
> have done some searches and found Ctrl-+ to temporarily change the
> size, but all I could find on doing so permanently was a note from a
> year or so ago saying you had to hack on the internals, but when the
> new config stuff was in, it would be easier. From what I understand,
> the new config referred to is what is now in 0.13.1 (which is what I'm
> using). Is there a setting for the font size anywhere now? As a more
> general question, how can I find out for myself what config options
> are available to me (I'm thinking in terms of introspecting from the
> ipython prompt, or looking at sources, rather than expecting
> everything to be documented).

$ IPython [qtconsole | notebook | console] --help[-all]

$ IPython qtconsole --help-all | grep font
    Default: 0
    The font size. If unconfigured, Qt will be entrusted with the size of the

so in you qtconsole config file, something like 


(there is also a useful bash completion example in doc example folder that complete theses parameters) 

> Thanks,
> Paul
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