[IPython-User] PLEASE make autosave standard

Tom tmbdev@gmail....
Wed Oct 31 05:53:16 CDT 2012

I just lost an hour of work again because Chrome and iPython notebooks
conspire against me.

iPython notebooks take forever to complete when there is a lot of output.
 This is really a problem by itself.  Saving iPython notebooks requires
navigating with the mouse to click on a tiny button somewhere at the top;
this is distracting and interrupts work.  There is no keyboard shortcut.

Chrome compounds the problem by popping up a dialog box every few seconds
asking whether I want to kill the page (and hence lose all my data) or
continue.  Chrome also lacks any option to interrupt JavaScript without
losing the entire page.  (I think Firefox has other problems, which is why
I don't use it.)

Asking me to confirm throwing away hours of work that are on the screen and
in memory and should be trivially savable really adds insult to injury.
 It's a conspiracy of multiple usability problems in iPython and Chrome,
any of which should be easy to fix for the developers.

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