[IPython-User] PLEASE make autosave standard

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Wed Oct 31 06:27:37 CDT 2012

Le 31 oct. 2012 à 11:53, Tom a écrit :

> I just lost an hour of work again because Chrome and iPython notebooks conspire against me.
Sorry about that, 

> iPython notebooks take forever to complete when there is a lot of output.  This is really a problem by itself.  Saving iPython notebooks requires navigating with the mouse to click on a tiny button somewhere at the top; this is distracting and interrupts work.  There is no keyboard shortcut.

Ctrl+s should save in some browser/os
Ctrl+m, s should always do. 

It is in the doc, and on the keyboard shortcut help (C-m,h)
If it does not work, bug report. 

> Chrome compounds the problem by popping up a dialog box every few seconds asking whether I want to kill the page (and hence lose all my data) or continue.

Why is that ? It shouldn't. Which version of chrome do you have. Which version of IPython ?
Is it the "this page/script have stop responding message ?" I never had it with IPython notebook.

You can open a bug report and we'll try to figure out why this happen, this should make your workflow a lot easier.

>  Chrome also lacks any option to interrupt JavaScript without losing the entire page.  (I think Firefox has other problems, which is why I don't use it.)

> Asking me to confirm throwing away hours of work that are on the screen and in memory and should be trivially savable really adds insult to injury.
>  It's a conspiracy of multiple usability problems in iPython and Chrome, any of which should be easy to fix for the developers.

You might like autosave, but I personally often want to revert to my last saving point. 
Then autosave is really annoying for me, I am not the only one.

A persistant notebook without having to explicitly save is not that easy. Hacking something that does the job most of the time is not that hard, 
but doing it the right way, not so much.

	* Consider fact that some people do not use the notebook on localhost and hence saving might be **very** bandwidth consuming. 
        * Same notebook can be opened several times constantly overwriting each other if autosave is on. 
        * Oops I deleted this cell... I just have rollback to previous save version.... Too late....( no we can't Ctrl-Z cell deletion yet) 
        * Current API does not allow to save with another name, people rely on our API, we can't change without deprecation warning first. 
        * None of us are real js developers, all of us work on our little free time freely on IPython.
        * we would like to differentiate persistence/saving/version controlling

You can have a look at Min's extension to autosave. 

Using custom js in your profile on 0.13+ it shouldn't be too hard to enable autosaving by default. 
Ask if you need help, but with above extension and docs, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. 

If you came up with a good patch, we'll be happy to see you open a Pull Request on github that improve situation.
You can also help by reviewing/testing the current opened PR so that we'll get more time to work on new stuff like autosaving.

Hope we'll solve most of your issues. 


> Tom
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