[IPython-User] Notebook cells don't execute in Windows

Dave Hume djhume@gmail....
Wed Oct 31 18:48:47 CDT 2012

I've been running the iPython notebook now for several months and it has
transformed my productivity.  Though I'm running on a Linux box, I'm so
impressed with the notebook that I've been encouraging fellow work-mates
(on Windows) to take the plunge from Matlab/R etc, to Python / iPython /
NumPy / SciPy / Pandas, etc.

Initially I set up a Server on a spare Linux box connected to our Corporate
Windows environment which they could try out.  More recently I've helped
install iPython on several Windows 7 machines locally.

All was going well, until yesterday, when the output of the Notebook cells,
all of a sudden, stopped being displayed in the browser!  Three of my
colleges are effected, all on Windows 7 machines.  Bazaarly, I have a
Windows HP laptop, connected to the same network which has so far been

We are at a loss at the moment to explain what has caused this, other than
that it is windows specific.  I've followed a few posts on this list back
in September http://mail.scipy.org/pipermail/ipython
-user/2012-September/011220.html and we have tried installing
Chrome/Firefox and Opera, but, unfortunately with no success.

It appears the Browser is not seeing/reading the output from iPython, or
perhaps something is blocking this communacation, any existing code is
displayed as we can run through Shift-Enter down the notebook cells and
plots/etc will appear, just no output in the browser window.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


Dave Hume
Wellington, NZ.
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