[IPython-User] Slide mode from SciPy 2012 talk

Andy Ray Terrel andy.terrel@gmail....
Tue Sep 4 13:45:05 CDT 2012


Fernando shows some really nice features in his scipy2012 talk [0]!
One that I can't seem to find is the slide mode.  At about 2:10 in the
video he clicks on a button that goes to full screen and then shows
the slide show mode when it iterates one cell at a time.  I see a
github issue about this topic and some details on the email lists but
I don't see anywhere that says how to get it or use it.  I would be
very grateful if someone could point me into the right direction on
getting this up and running.

-- Andy

[0] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwVvqwLDsJo&feature=plcp

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