[IPython-User] iPython QTConsole - Force yellow quickref guide to appear again?

Victor Hooi victorhooi@yahoo....
Tue Sep 4 21:35:20 CDT 2012


I've just recently started using iPython, and I have to say it's awesome!

The qtconsole mode has probably just become my default Python shell now =).

The inline documentation in particular is awesome - if you type in a
function, then hit the "(" (left bracket), it pops up a nice yellow box
showing you the function prototype and help. E.g.:

> foo = max(

My question is - is there a way to force this help box to reappear again?

For example, you press the up key to edit history, and you're editing your
function arguments again - is there a key combination you can press to get
the yellow box to appear again?

I know you could delete all the arguments and add a ? to bring up a
different form of help

> foo = max?

However, this doesn't really help if you've already entered in a whole
bunch of arguments:

> foo = max(cat=1, dog=2)

Sometimes you just want the argument list to pop up again quickly, without
going into full help.

Is there a way?


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