[IPython-User] Embedded images lost in Notebook print view

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Wed Sep 5 05:17:21 CDT 2012

Le 5 sept. 2012 à 09:46, G B a écrit :

> I have a few images embedded in Markdown cells of my HTML Notebook, using syntax such as:
> <img src="files/subdir/ImageName.png" width=400 style="float:right;">
> When I generate a print view, these images are lost and come up question marks.  Looking at the source, I think the problem is that the images are actually located at "../files/subdir/ImageName.png" relative to the print view.
> Am I doing something frowned upon here by inserting html into the markdown?

This is most likely a bug on our side. 
Which version have you installed ? 
If it's recent enough, you could try to directly print from the native file menu and you should have something 
almost equivalent as going through the print view. 

Print view need some refactor, and will certainly use nbconvert later.

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