[IPython-User] SciPy 2012 video - Time Series Data Analysis with pandas

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Sep 5 22:21:13 CDT 2012

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 3:38 AM, Jason Wirth <wirth.jason@gmail.com> wrote:
> For those who  have seen a lot of Wes' other talks then you'll know he's a
> huge supporter of iPython, particularly the Notebook. I'll finish being a
> shill with one last point, Wes' upcoming book Python for Data Analysis
> devotes a large chunk to workflows, tips, and other cool uses for iPython.

I reviewed carefully an early draft of the IPython chapter, and I can
confidently say that he did a fantastic job there.  The draft I
reviewed didn't have anything on the notebook yet, and I'm sure he'll
put something about that later on (since we know how much he uses it),
but on most other aspects of ipython the coverage is great: detailed
enough to teach a lot but not so long to be discouraging.

+1 to what's likely to be an absolute hit of a book, and deservedly so.



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