[IPython-User] RMagic causing X11 png call?

Spencer Ogden spencer@spencerogden....
Thu Sep 6 08:11:34 CDT 2012

I am running iPython remotely and I don't have X11 setup. For some 
reason, RMagic, even with simple code, is trying to present a PNG 
through X11, and failing since there is no X11.

I tried %gui to turn of any GUI integration. When I enter "%R b <- 
c(1,2,3,4)" I get a RRuntimeError:

RRuntimeError: Error in png("/tmp/tmpwGLwWm/Rplots%03d.png", ) : X11 is 
not available

Why would RMagic be trying to produce a png?

I tried this in the web notebook as well and got the same error.



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