[IPython-User] iPython QTConsole - Force yellow quickref guide to appear again?

Jon Wilson jsw@fnal....
Thu Sep 6 09:30:33 CDT 2012

On 09/06/2012 01:09 AM, Aaron Meurer wrote:
> Maybe the help box should always show when the cursor is just to the
> right of the (. Or would that be too intrusive?
> Aaron Meurer
That sounds singularly dreadful to me.  Moving the cursor around should 
be an extremely lightweight and fast operation, and having a popup every 
time the cursor was to the right of a '(' would be a huge annoyance and 
probable drag on code editing.  Furthermore, it would continually 
obscure other code that I would be trying to look at.

Frankly, I often have the opposite problem -- in 0.13.dev (don't 
remember the date I pulled from git), I sometimes have the yellow help 
box pop up when I let the cursor linger too long after typing a '(', and 
when that happens, I cannot get it to disappear again...


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