[IPython-User] Vote: should we move our wiki over to github?

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sat Sep 8 16:31:39 CDT 2012

Hi all,

We've been having on and off discussions about this in the middle of
other threads for a while, and we think it's time to make a decision.
Our current wiki setup (http://wiki.ipython.org) is a manual mediawiki
installation that we manage, with configuration mostly having been
done by Thomas and myself.  We chose that instead of activating the
github wiki mainly because we wanted a more 'user friendly' space:
github wikis are still located deep inside of the github site with a
lot of screen space and controls that are mostly relevant to those
following development more closely.

But as more and more of our workflow happens on github, we are
reconsidering this decision.  For example, with the new process for
discussing more complex IPython enahncements via IPEPs
it makes a lot of sense to work on github itself, as it lets us
conveniently link all materials on one site, we reuse skills
(markdown) and workflow patterns, etc.  And keeping *two* wikis, one
on a manual Mediawiki install and one on github, is really more
management than it's worth.  Hence the question:

Should we consolidate all wiki materials on a single one on github?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

In terms of actually agreeing to move, we need to have a migration
plan in place first, though.  Maintaining two wikis is untenable, so
before we start building the new github one we need to have a solution
for migrating content, which fortunately isn't too much.  Would anyone
here volunteer to help out with this process?  Most likely it can be
automated to a significant degree; we can give a volunteer acess to
the mediawiki installation; since the github wiki is itself just a
wiki repo, then running pandoc over all the pages on the existing wiki
and pushing to that local repo should be pretty easy.



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