[IPython-User] qtconsole on mountain lion

MinRK benjaminrk@gmail....
Tue Sep 11 23:47:11 CDT 2012

I can cmd-tab to the QtConsole, with PySide/Qt from
here<http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide_Binaries_MacOSX> (1.1.1,
4.8.2, respectively).

OS X 10.8.1, System Python 2.7.2

What Qt/bindings are you using, and how did you install them?  Does a
simple Qt example app behave similarly, or is it specific to IPython?


On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 10:08 AM, Chris Laumann <
claumann@physics.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Hi all-
> I've been running ipython on mountain lion for the last couple weeks now
> with no problems. I'm using system python. The only quirk I just noticed is
> that I can't task switch to the qtconsole window (with cmd-tab) -- there's
> no entry for python/ipython/qtconsole/whatever. The mission control
> behavior (up swipe) which spreads out all of the application windows and
> window groups works just fine though, giving the console the name 'python'
> for its window. Is the lack of appearance in the cmd-tab switcher a known
> bug/fixable? Does it happen for other people?
> Best, Chris
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