[IPython-User] ipcontroller -> ZMQError: Address already in use

Jon Olav Vik jonovik@gmail....
Wed Sep 12 07:53:01 CDT 2012

Jon Olav Vik <jonovik <at> gmail.com> writes:

> After installing today's Git master of IPython (revision 8284282), I created a 
> new default profile with 
> ipython profile create --parallel
> changed a few timeouts and the following setting in ipcontroller_config.py:
> c.HubFactory.client_ip = '*'
> then tried to do what used to work, namely "ipcluster start". However, that 
> fails with "ZMQError: Address already in use". The tcp ports are different 
> every time, so I don't understand why they would be "already in use". Any 
> appreciated.

The unmodified default profile does not show this error. It seems I must have 
made a mistake in porting my config customizations to the new version. Will 
debug further...

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