[IPython-User] remap <TAB> to <Ctrl+I> in qtconsole

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Sat Sep 15 06:52:09 CDT 2012

Le 14 sept. 2012 à 23:43, reckoner a écrit :

> Is it possible to  remap <TAB> to <Ctrl+I> in qtconsole? It's better for 
> my finger-memory.
> Thanks!
Not trivially, tabs is assumed in at least 6 places, and moreover in places where multiple key shortcut are not handled.
Having configurable shortcut is one of our goal, but needs lots of refactoring. 

You can still try to patch it yourself to make it configurable, and send a PR. 
Basicaly checking that Ctrl_Key is down, and key  in (QtCore.Qt.Key_I,)

you'll have to thoses files in IPython/frontend/qt/console :

grep Key_Tab **/*.py
completion_html.py:                if self._consecutive_tab == 0 and key in (QtCore.Qt.Key_Tab,):
completion_html.py:                elif self._consecutive_tab == 1 and key in (QtCore.Qt.Key_Tab,):
completion_html.py:                    if key in (QtCore.Qt.Key_Tab,):
completion_widget.py:                           QtCore.Qt.Key_Tab):
console_widget.py:            elif key == QtCore.Qt.Key_Tab:
console_widget.py:                     QtCore.Qt.Key_Tab):

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