[IPython-User] Detachable Pager

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Thu Sep 20 16:03:38 CDT 2012

Le 19 sept. 2012 à 15:25, Dave Hirschfeld a écrit :

> Hi IPython devs,
> I've just tried out the new detachable pager and think it's a great addition.
> I find it's particularly helpful to have several help tabs open at the same 
> time so you can switch between several functions that you may be currently 
> using. One thing that would be a great help in this scenario is if the tab 
> title had the name of the function to which it referred.
> Would such a thing be possible? It looks like it may need a little 
> refactoring to bring the function name along with the help text? 
> Unfortunately my javascript skills are all but non-existent so I couldn't 
> see an easy to do it.

Yes, I though of that, but the pager could show lots of things and not only help.
like when using %pycat.

If you look at 

L 148 :    pager_body.append(this.pager_element.children())

the part : this.pager_element.children()
give you the current content of the pager. 
you can play around with regexp and try to extract the function/object name.

then just change this
                $('<title>').text("Your text")

To the text you want. 

If you have any ideas, feel free to open a PR.

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