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Carlos Córdoba ccordoba12@gmail....
Fri Sep 21 12:40:44 CDT 2012

You're right, I haven't seen it like that. And for Emacs there's already 
Takafumi's notebook.

It's just that I see IPython more as great way to evaluate your code and 
not as much as an integrated environment. And I think this isn't bad 
(you've done a great job so far!). For that role there's Spyder and also 
the new Canopy. So if the user wants a more "all-in-one" experience, 
then he could be in a better position interfacing with us than directly 
with IPython.

Just my 2 cents,

El 21/09/12 12:08, Thomas Kluyver escribió:
> Hi Carlos,
> On 21 September 2012 17:55, Carlos Córdoba <ccordoba12@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I was thinking that if we could offer other programs the possibility to
>> interface with us through dbus, then you could use your editor of choice
>> (e.g Emacs, which has built-in dbus support) and our infrastructure for
>> evaluation, get help, etc.
> That's essentially what we're doing over ZMQ at present, as I see it.
> vim-ipython provides an example of using that power in someone's
> favourite editor. Maybe there's a simple way to expose that over dbus,
> or maybe it's as simple to connect Emacs to ZMQ.
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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