[IPython-User] Looking for an IPython Expert

David Himrod david.himrod@gmail....
Sun Sep 23 13:12:51 CDT 2012

IPython users and developers,

My name is Dave and I run the Optimization and Analytics team at Appnexus.
 The team started using iPython and Pandas around 2 years ago as a way to
quickly turn data research into production systems.  Not surprisingly,
these tools have picked up traction throughout the company.  Many other
groups (spanning engineering and business) are using them to do analysis
and compliment their development practices.  I would say we have 20-30
regular users, and estimate it will be closer to 100 in the next 6 months.
 We are looking for an IPython expert (in New York) to help us create a
deeply integrated development and research environment for a growing
organization.  We would be interested in giving back to IPython if we do
any development that makes sense to share with the community.

In addition, we have open positions for Quants and Engineers within the
optimization team.  If you are interested please reach out to me at
dhimrod@appnexus.com.  I would also consider consulting engagements, but
note Wes Mckinney **name drop** has set the bar pretty damn high.

You can read more about the team here

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