[IPython-User] ipengines frequently being purged/stalling during registration (Win7)

Matt Scruggs mdscruggs@gmail....
Wed Sep 26 16:17:24 CDT 2012

I'm trying out IPython's parallel capabilities for a new project at work. I
enjoyed reading many of the tutorials and videos so far and look forward to
using the parallel capabilities, but I've encountered a major hurdle on my
local machine that makes me nervous about relying on IPython for this. I've
used IPython for years as "the cool Python interpreter" but now it's time
to get serious.

Here's my issue (keep in mind, this is on my local Win7 machine with only
background apps running):

When I start an "IPcluster" on my local machine (either using
>ipcluster.exe start -n 4, or >ipcontroller.exe and adding engines with
>ipengine.exe manually), very frequently this happens on the engine side:

[IPEngineApp] Registering with controller at tcp://
[IPEngineApp] Completed registration with id 0

So the engine thinks it registered! Great! But it ends up getting purged by
the controller /very/ often (50% or more of the time!):

[IPControllerApp] client::client 'e71bc993-ba22-49d0-bf70-a9871783556b'
requested u'registration_request'
[IPControllerApp] registration::register_engine(0,
[IPControllerApp] registration::purging stalled registration: 0
[IPControllerApp] heartbeat::ignoring new heart:

I've even tried setting the ping value to some absurd number and it doesn't
seem to be a timing issue. This pretty much makes it impossible to even go
through the most basic tutorials/tests/exploration! And I'm hoping to be
able to load these clusters en masse automatically in the future...clearly
I can't use IPython if this is going to happen. Although I suppose I could
just try to launch engines, add a delay, check to see if they were created,
and if not try again...but...ugh!

I appreciate your help and insights. My next step is to see if I can
reproduce this issue on another Windows machine. I suppose I could use a VM
or PP (the /other/ parallel processing package :P ) but I want to use

Matthew D. Scruggs
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