[IPython-User] Hotkeys notebook cell editing

Juergen Hasch python@elbonia...
Sat Sep 29 15:28:53 CDT 2012

Am 29.09.2012 21:28, schrieb Matthias BUSSONNIER:
> Le 29 sept. 2012 à 21:15, Juergen Hasch a écrit :
>> (Posted by mistake to IPython-dev first)
> This is not an issue :-)
>> Hi,
>> when working with the HMTL notebook, I noticed that is is hard to
>> quickly navigate when editing a cell, as Page up/down Pos1 and End keys
>> only work inside the current cell. Jumping between cells requires the
>> mouse. I find this especially annoying, because outside of code cells
>> (no cell selected or a markdown cell), the keys work as is usual in the
>> browser.
>> Am I missing something or how do you navigate when working with notebooks ?
> No you are not missing anything, shortcut are a delicate subject  for notebook especially
> if we try to get cross os/browser compatibility. We are still thinking of a way to make it easily configurable.
> We also thinking of a 'modal' way of moving (like vim) where esc would make the cell selected, on where you
> could move from cell to cell with arrow keys and cut past full cells....etc.

Yes, I have noticed that everything is hard-coded and spread into several places.
I guess there is no way to make it right for everybody, so making it configurable sounds good.

There are a lot of cool things that can be done, still, I am quite happy even now.

> In the mean time, I suggest you put what you wrote also somewhere in the ipython wiki.

I added a description in the cookbook section. Maybe someone will find it helpful.

> Thanks.

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