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Aaron Meurer asmeurer@gmail....
Sat Sep 29 16:03:42 CDT 2012

In both your post here and the post to the user list, it is showing up
as a reply to another thread. When you post to a mailing list, make
sure you compose a new email. Replying to an existing thread and
changing the subject doesn't work (the email still contains metadata
which links it to the thread you are replying to).

Aaron Meurer

On Sep 29, 2012, at 1:15 PM, Juergen Hasch <python@elbonia.de> wrote:

> (Posted by mistake to IPython-dev first)
> Hi,
> when working with the HMTL notebook, I noticed that is is hard to
> quickly navigate when editing a cell, as Page up/down Pos1 and End keys
> only work inside the current cell. Jumping between cells requires the
> mouse. I find this especially annoying, because outside of code cells
> (no cell selected or a markdown cell), the keys work as is usual in the
> browser.
> Am I missing something or how do you navigate when working with notebooks ?
> I changed codecell.js and notebook.js and put them in my local
> profile/static/js directoy. Now Page up/down moves me one cell up or
> down and Ctrl+Pos1/End jumps to top/bottom, which I find quite pleasant
> to work with.
>    Juergen
> My changes can be found here:
> https://github.com/juhasch/ipython/compare/cell-hotkeys
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