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O.Zolotov zolotovo@gmail....
Tue Apr 2 11:39:09 CDT 2013

Dear iPython gurus,

I installed ipython 0.13.1. (To be strict, I installed Python(x,y)
which contain iPython) on Win7 without any reported errors. But when I
try to launch
ipython notebook
I get the error

ERROR:root:Uncaught exception GET
/static/jquery/css/themes/base/jquery-ui.min.css?v=d1a93 (

More detailed error log see attached. The file (jquery-ui.min.css)
reported to be missed is located at

So it looks like some "path variable" not set properly. But I'm
absolutely novice and have no idea what to do... Does anybody knows
what should I do to fix this?

Oleg Zolotov
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