[IPython-User] problem image in markdown

christian jeanguillaume christian.jeanguillaume@univ-angers...
Thu Apr 4 04:40:40 CDT 2013

and many thanks to Aaron and Matthias for helping me.
I am ashame chi is better than khi and work fine.
I also try an url in the markdown command with 
partial success :
When I take an image in the web it is woking 
nicely for example:

"texte pour le titre, facultatif")

but for an image in my computer I am still facing 
for example I verify the path of my file, from the 
root by visualising the image directly in another 
window of firefox.
so I am sure of my url for example the url :


and in a python notebook nothing, when I click 
outside the markdown cell to visualize the effects 
I only get the "texte"
I try also "files" instead of "file" and a 
relative path from where I launched ipython and I 
varied the number of / ....

Here my command with a relative path :
"texte pour le titre, facultatif")

Is there a security problem? Or should I activate 
the rendering diffently

many thanks again



Service de medecine nucleaire
rue Larrey
49033 Angers FRANCE

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