[IPython-User] image markdown and print

christian jeanguillaume christian.jeanguillaume@univ-angers...
Fri Apr 12 11:34:28 CDT 2013

Thank to ipython-user, I am now able to visualise 
image in markdown cell from a file of mine, with a 
markdown command, or an html command.
I can also visualize image from the web with the url.
But when I want to convert this notebook to pdf by 
printview, the representation which come from a 
local file doesn't appear in the pdf file.
What is wrong in my way?
I use printview from the Ipnotebook menu, ipython 
creates a new notebook and in this notebook I make 
a print from the firefox window menu.
If I try it directly from the firefox menu I only 
get 1 page of the notebook, but amazingly, in this 
case I got the images correct.
Does somebody can help me?
I am really sorry to bother you again.
Many thanks



Service de medecine nucleaire
rue Larrey
49033 Angers FRANCE

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