[IPython-User] starting ipcluster from inside an IPython session

Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes@spmetric....
Fri Apr 12 17:04:04 CDT 2013

I would like to debug a "file not found" exception that I'm getting on 
my controller in ipcluster. It seems like the best way to do this would 
be to "execute" the |ipcluster| command from inside an IPython session 
with |%pdb on|, however I'm stumped as to why I can't execute the 
equivalent |ipcluster| app setup from within IPython. All |ipcluster| 
does is:

|from  IPython.parallel.apps.ipclusterappimport  launch_new_instance


and all |launch_new_instance()| does i:

|def  launch_new_instance():
     """Create and run the IPython cluster."""
     app = IPClusterApp.instance()

But when I try to execute this, the very first |app = 
IPClusterApp.instance()| instruction results in the error message:

|MultipleInstanceError: Multiple incompatible subclass instances of 
IPClusterApp are being created.|

Can anyone shed light on this problem?



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