[IPython-User] setting ipython3 to use python3.3 and is uninstalling existing v. necessary to use git version?

Dennis Daniels dennisgdaniels@gmail....
Sat Apr 13 12:31:31 CDT 2013

How can I tell ipython3 to use python3.3?
Do I have to uninstall ipython3 to use the git version?

When I run from within python3 notebook:

import sys

the output is:
3.2.3 (default, Oct 19 2012, 20:13:42)
[GCC 4.6.3]

I want to use python3.3 which I installed.

sudo find / -name python3.3

Python3.3 runs fine. As does IDLE3.3.

How can I tell/force ipython3 to use python3.3?

I installed ipython3 with an egg:
sudo find / -name ipython

I would prefer to use the git version going forward.
Do I have to delete the existing version of ipython3 to get the git
version to work?

thank you
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