[IPython-User] How to enable the inline option in IPython profile

Jose Guzman sjm.guzman@gmail....
Sat Apr 20 06:51:31 CDT 2013

To like having  the figures from matplotlib as output within a 
noteboook, for that I always start my notebook with the following command:

$> ipython notebook --pylab inline

I wanted to create a custom profile and have the inline option in it, 
for example:

$> ipython notebook --profile=mypylab

I edited in ipython_notebook_config.py the line

c.IPKernelApp.pylab = inline

expecting to have both matplotlib and NumPy, plus the plots inside the 
notebook. However, nothing of this worked, and the graphics are plotted 
outside of the browser. What am I doing wrong?


Jose Guzman

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