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Sat Apr 27 17:20:23 CDT 2013

Web typography is a nightmare, especially in something like the Notebook,
where there's no way to really predict what kind of content you might end
up having to style for, or the size, ratio or pixel density of the page.

I think, even if you forget tablets, you still need to do some responsive
stuff with JS, or grab a library that will do it for you. The height of a
page is now as much a problem as width has always been. Widescreens, AKA
shortscreens, are terrible for anything beyond watching movies and gaming,
but they're super popular, so you end up lowering vertical spacing. Then,
you see how it looks on a hi-den display, with the window twice as high as
it is wide, and you just wanna cry.

There's no easy answer, and any good answer will involve JS.

I really just wanted to post a link to an excellent talk on typography,
given this year at Write the Docs (Read the Docs' writers con.).
It's definitely worth watching if you're chewing on these issues.


All the best


P.S. Well done everyone ~ Your work continues to awe us all.
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