[IPython-User] Start ipcluster with pure scheme

John Reid j.reid@mail.cryst.bbk.ac...
Sun Apr 28 04:01:52 CDT 2013


This issue was killing me:

I have been running about 65000 tasks at a time and was just watching
the controller spin around. I tried to start to a cluster with the pure
task scheduler but I get a warning message. I was wondering what the
correct way to do this is as I didn't see it in the docs.

ipcluster start --n=6 --scheme=pure


WARNING: Unrecognized alias: 'scheme', it will probably have no
effect.2013-04-28 09:05:06,734.734 [IPClusterStart] Using existing
profile dir: u'/home/john/.ipython/
2013-04-28 09:05:06.743 [IPClusterStart] Starting ipcluster with
2013-04-28 09:05:06.744 [IPClusterStart] Creating pid file:
2013-04-28 09:05:06.744 [IPClusterStart] Starting Controller with
2013-04-28 09:05:07.744 [IPClusterStart] Starting 6 Engines with
2013-04-28 09:05:38.269 [IPClusterStart] Engines appear to have started

I have installed the latest dev version from git so I'm guessing this
issue will go away for me but I'd still like to know how to set the
taskscheduler from the command line.

Is the best way to create a profile and then configure that?
ipython profile create mycluster --parallel


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