[IPython-User] SSH remote ipcontroller?

Jacob Vanderplas jakevdp@cs.washington....
Mon Apr 29 16:25:38 CDT 2013

I'm trying to set up my first ipython parallel configuration on a local
compute cluster.  I've been following the ssh guidelines here:
and have not had luck in getting it to work. I'm running into several
problems which may or may not be related, but I wanted to ask a couple
quick questions to make sure I'm on the right track:

- Should the ipcontroller be run locally on my laptop or on a node of the

- Is it possible to set up a remote cluster so it can be driven from an
ipython notebook on my laptop? I noticed these two things in the docs:


The *ipcluster* command provides a simple way of starting a controller and
engines in the following situations:

4. When the controller is started on localhost and the engines are started
on remote nodes using *ssh*.

Currently *ipcluster* requires that the
IPYTHONDIR/profile_<name>/security directory
live on a shared filesystem that is seen by both the controller and
engines. If you don’t have a shared file system you will need to use *
ipcontroller* and*ipengine* directly.


I'm confused by these two statements.  Can I use ipcluster to start a
remote cluster, or not?  I've seen a couple demos where people drive remote
clusters using the notebook interface on their laptop... does this require
manually starting the controller and engines?

Thanks for any guidance,
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