[IPython-User] LearnDataScience, a collection of IPyNotebooks for Data Science beginners

Nitin Borwankar nborwankar@gmail....
Thu Aug 1 00:51:17 CDT 2013

For the past 6+ months plus I have been funded by the good folks at
EMC/Greenplum now Pivotal to create a collection of data science learning
materials.  Naturally I chose to use IPyNB as a platform.
Early notebooks were written using R as the language of choice, however
halfway through, happily we switched to all Py.  The content is decoupled
from the code in a way that other language snippets can replace the python
Currently the core content has Lin Reg, Log Reg, Random Forests and
k-Means.  There are at least three notebooks per algo plus there are
worksheets and HowTo's.
(More algorithms still to come depending on funding)

Please see http://nborwankar.github.io/LearnDataScience.
There isn't anything else to install if you have IPython - I used Anaconda
1.5 to develop but other distros should work just as well.
Please get the whole repo as references to the datasets are relative to the
notebooks dir.

Please add issues to the github repo - there are still some rough edges in
the exercises and content, but no known major showstoppers.
Thanks Fernando and the team for this awesome awesome platform.


All code is BSD licensed.
Nitin Borwankar
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