[IPython-User] Run IPython Notebook and store results.

Heiko Strathmann heiko.strathmann@gmail....
Mon Aug 5 15:38:08 CDT 2013


My name is Heiko and I work for the Shogun machine learning toolbox.

We are absolutely amazed by the ipython notebooks  and would like to
start using them for our documentation/tutorial :)
Our codebase is in c++ but we make massively use of SWIG and python.

We have the idea that developers create notebooks to illustrate
certain algorithms. Those should then automagically be excecuted on
our buildbot/travis to detect API changes etc, and prevent errors --
to make them sustainable.
Then, we want to store a copy of the notebook (with all results/plots
included) on our webserver, and finally use the nbviewer website to
render the notebooks and embed the links into our website/tutorial.

I have seen nbconverter. I am new to it and basically want to have
non-interactive python scripts that do
the mentioned tasks:
0.) Remove all results from an existing notebook
1.) Run notebook and report if not succeded
2.) Store all results in a copy of the notebook

I have found scripts for 0,1 but am a bit unsure about 2 Do you have
any tips how to do this most effectively?

Thanks a lot and good night!


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