[IPython-User] ipython slow to start with --pylab flag

alex arsenovic arsenovic@virginia....
Sun Aug 11 08:40:38 CDT 2013

    i have a strange problem that just began. all of a sudden,
`ipython --pylab` and `ipython notebook` take a long time to start
(15s). it used to take about 1s  to start. i noticed that if i turn
off the  --pylab flag (on the former), ipython starts instantly (<1s).
I can then import pylab, which takes no time.

i was playing with some configuration options for notebook at the time
i noticed this bizarre slow-down begin. so i mv'd my whole
.config/ipython directory, to get back to default. no effect.

i was also continually pulling the latest git master branch, so i
tested this by checking out an earlier version (ad1b59c), in which i
knew  this slow-start was not happening. no effect.

i am very confused about what would cause this, and cant think of
anything i did. (fyi i have matplotlib-1.1.1-1 from   ubuntu repos.)


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