[IPython-User] ipython slow to start with --pylab flag

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Sun Aug 11 09:26:35 CDT 2013

It's quite slow to load all of the modules involved from disk, but once
they have been loaded, the operating system will keep them in cache, so
subsequent starts will be much faster. Could this be what you're seeing?

On Aug 11, 2013 6:40 AM, "alex arsenovic" <arsenovic@virginia.edu> wrote:

> hello,
>     i have a strange problem that just began. all of a sudden,
> `ipython --pylab` and `ipython notebook` take a long time to start
> (15s). it used to take about 1s  to start. i noticed that if i turn
> off the  --pylab flag (on the former), ipython starts instantly (<1s).
> I can then import pylab, which takes no time.
> i was playing with some configuration options for notebook at the time
> i noticed this bizarre slow-down begin. so i mv'd my whole
> .config/ipython directory, to get back to default. no effect.
> i was also continually pulling the latest git master branch, so i
> tested this by checking out an earlier version (ad1b59c), in which i
> knew  this slow-start was not happening. no effect.
> i am very confused about what would cause this, and cant think of
> anything i did. (fyi i have matplotlib-1.1.1-1 from   ubuntu repos.)
> help!
> alex
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