[IPython-User] refresing the edited python function

Sudheer Joseph sudheer.joseph@yahoo....
Mon Aug 19 05:19:32 CDT 2013

I have been using ipython and ipython with qtconsole and working on a code with functions. Each time I make a modification in function  
 have to quit IPTHON console (in both with and with out qt console ) and
 reload the function freshly. If I need to see the changed I made in the
 function. I tried below options

del function name
import the module again  by issuing "from xxx.py import yy"
import xxx.py
make changes
 works only if the the function in the code has same name as the code. 
But even this do not reflect the changes made by editing the code.
So what is the standard way to update the function for further tests after an edit?
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