[IPython-User] problem with autoreload in Ipython 2

David Prager Branner brannerchinese@gmail....
Sat Aug 17 08:34:11 CDT 2013

With Ipython3 I use a startup file (in ~/.ipython/profile_default/startup/)

%load_ext autoreload
> %autoreload 2

and all works very well. But when I start Ipython2, those commands lead to
a series of error messages, of the form

[autoreload of email.MIMEMessage failed …
> [autoreload of email.Header failed …
> [autoreload of email.MIMEImage failed …
[autoreload of json.decoder failed

And after that using the arrow keys to show history produces ill-formed
lines. This situation persists even when I delete the startup file and
enter those commands at the REPL prompt; it persists even after deletion of
~/.ipython and reinstallation of Ipython with pip.

I don't recall having installed these modules and don't understand why they
are being autoreloaded by Ipython 2 and then raising "failed" errors. What
is going wrong?

David Branner <http://brannerchinese.com>
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