[IPython-User] Equation numbers in the notebook?

Nathan Goldbaum nathan12343@gmail....
Fri Aug 23 13:41:19 CDT 2013

Hi all,

I've been very happily using the notebook as an almost-WSIWYG
LaTeX/markdown editor for a short formula-heavy article I'm writing.  I'm
very much enjoying the experience, the latex integration is really awesome,
I can edit my text one cell at a time, and it's nice to get immediate,
highlighted feedback on latex errors within a cell.

At this point, I just have one issue that will allow me to completely
switch to IPython from directly editing a LaTeX text file. Specifically,
there doesn't seem to be a way to add equation numbers or reference
equations from elsewhere in the document.  Is that possible at the moment?
If not, are there any workarounds available?

Thanks for your help and advice,

Nathan Goldbaum
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