[IPython-User] problem with autoreload in Ipython 2

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Mon Aug 26 14:25:11 CDT 2013

On 24 August 2013 07:57, David Prager Branner <brannerchinese@gmail.com>wrote:

> I'm not aware of anything else. Even with the whole ~/.ipython directory
> removed, the same thing happens. I wonder if there is corruption of the
> base Python2.7 installation in the OS itself. But before I take the drastic
> step of reinstalling the OS, is there anything else I should be trying as a
> way of fixing this?

Reinstalling the OS sounds like using a boulder to squash an ant ;-). I
don't think that is the problem, anyway. I think it's simply trying to
reload things that it shouldn't. Though I'm not quite sure why the email
package is being loaded on startup (which is why I asked about other
startup files). The history problems might make sense if it tries to reload
the readline module.

I think the solution is that autoreload should have a default blacklist of
modules not to try reloading. There already is the machinery for the
blacklist, it just has to be built manually. Does adding '%aimport
-readline' (note the dash) into your startup file fix the history problem?

I'm still mystified as to why you see this problem and I don't, and why
it's Python 2 specific, but I think having a default blacklist makes sense.

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