[IPython-User] [Ipython notebook] frequent busy warning and strange output

Chao YUE chaoyuejoy@gmail....
Tue Aug 27 08:15:41 CDT 2013

Dear all,

After upgrading to ipython 1.0, I am having some probelms with the notebook.
Attached I showed two screen captures.

The first is everytime I click cell--> run all cells, the screen is stagged,
followed by this busy warning, but actually the notebook is still running.

But both the results from previous run and current run are shown
at the same cell place.

All the notebook files are created with ipython 0.13, so what could be the
reason for this? thanks!!


Chao YUE
Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE-IPSL)
Batiment 712 - Pe 119
91191 GIF Sur YVETTE Cedex
Tel: (33) 01 69 08 29 02; Fax:
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