[IPython-User] ipython slow to start with --pylab flag

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Fri Aug 30 12:45:54 CDT 2013

On 30 August 2013 07:20, alex arsenovic <arsenovic@virginia.edu> wrote:

> i noticed, somewhat by accident, that when i switched wifi APs and the lag
> goes away. after some testing, it appears as though connecting to this one
> certain AP causes the ipython startup lag, but only when using --pylab
> flag.
> it is as repeatable as it is unexpected. does anyone have any idea on how
> this can be!?!!

You said this earlier, but just to double check: this is repeatable with
simply 'ipython --pylab'? The notebook and the Qt console do use network
interfaces (only loopback, by default), so it's vaguely conceivable that
they could be influenced by a wifi connection. But plain terminal IPython
doesn't do anything that involves the network, and AFAIK neither does
pylab, so I'm mystified as to what it could be.

Is it possible that it's trying to load some files off a network drive, and
it can do so quicker with one wifi connection than another?

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