[IPython-User] seemingly ignored config file

Moritz Emanuel Beber moritz.beber@gmail....
Fri Feb 8 10:12:10 CST 2013

Dear all,

not sure this is an issue or an oversight by me. I recently set up a new 
Debian Wheezy installation and naturally want to run IPython on it. I 
installed it from github. Current commit is a815e47.

Now in my ipython_notebook_config.py I like to set the following lines:

c.IPKernelApp.pylab = "inline"
c.IPKernelApp.pylab_import_all = False
c.InlineBackend.figure_format = "svg"

all of which are ignored.

When starting the notebook I do get a message that the correct profile 
is used and when I introduce an error in the profile file that is 
noticed as well.

When I start with 'ipython notebook --pylab inline' on the command line 
that works fine, too.

So I'm a bit baffled.

Any ideas?

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