[IPython-User] Hang when inspecting with IPython.embed()

Jean-François Caron jfcaron@phas.ubc...
Thu Feb 14 02:11:43 CST 2013

Hi, I have a script which I normally run with the python interpreter.  I'm trying to debug by putting in an IPython.embed() statement (which has worked in the past), but when I try to print variables, everything just hangs and I have to kill my terminal.  If i just put the print statements in the code before IPython.embed(), it works fine.  Any idea why this would be?

My code is here:

and I'm putting the IPython.embed() statement on line 924 for example, but it happens at other locations.  ROOT is a python module interfacing with the CERN ROOT C++ program.  

I'm using python 2.7.3, python 0.13.1, ROOT 5.34/04, on Mac OS 10.7.5, everything installed from MacPorts.


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