[IPython-User] [nbconvert] convert to html raise IOError

Francesco Montesano franz.bergesund@gmail....
Thu Feb 14 10:03:35 CST 2013

Dear Ipython,

I am trying to convert an ipython notebook to share it with a colleague.
I'm using master 5cc2804.

1) The easiest would be a pdf. The README file claims that

> nbconvert provides command line utilities to convert to and from IPython
> notebooks and standard formats:
> [...]
> -   PDF

but if I do `nbconvert -f pdf nb.ipynb` I get

> Unknown format 'pdf', known formats are: latex, markdown, reveal, py,
> blogger-html, html, rst (default)

Which one is correct? Probably the README should be corrected taking out
pdf (I can do it)

2) next option: latex. It's great, except for the fact cells are float, and
so I have some of the markdown and heading cells that are displaced after
or before the place they should be. (This is latex, I know :) )

3) next option (and probably the most natural) would be a html. But if I
try I get the error at the end of this mail. I use ipython 0.13.1.rc2
shipped with Ubuntu Quantal.
Do anyone knows what's going on? (Do I have to change version of Ipython?)



>>> nbconvert -f html file.ipynb
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "~/bin/nbconvert", line 89, in <module>
>     exclude=exclude_cells, highlight_source=args.no_highlighting)
>   File "~/bin/nbconvert", line 60, in main
>     converter.render()
>   File "~/Codes/Gitrepos/nbconvert/converters/base.py", line 211, in render
>     self.output = self.convert()
>   File "~/Codes/Gitrepos/nbconvert/converters/base.py", line 190, in
> convert
>     lines.extend(self.optional_header())
>   File "~/Codes/Gitrepos/nbconvert/converters/html.py", line 114, in
> optional_header
>     return ['<html>', '<head>'] + self.header_body() + \
>   File "~/Codes/Gitrepos/nbconvert/converters/html.py", line 94, in
> header_body
>     header.extend(self._stylesheet(sheet))
>   File "~/Codes/Gitrepos/nbconvert/converters/html.py", line 60, in
> _stylesheet
>     with io.open(fname, encoding='utf-8') as f:
> IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
> '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/IPython/frontend/html/notebook/static/css/boilerplate.css'
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