[IPython-User] [nbconvert] convert to html raise IOError

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Thu Feb 14 10:15:35 CST 2013

Le 14 févr. 2013 à 17:03, Francesco Montesano a écrit :

> Dear Ipython,
> I am trying to convert an ipython notebook to share it with a colleague.
> I'm using master 5cc2804.
> 1) The easiest would be a pdf. The README file claims that 
> nbconvert provides command line utilities to convert to and from IPython
> notebooks and standard formats:
> [...]
> -   PDF
> but if I do `nbconvert -f pdf nb.ipynb` I get
> Unknown format 'pdf', known formats are: latex, markdown, reveal, py, blogger-html, html, rst (default)
> Which one is correct? Probably the README should be corrected taking out pdf (I can do it)

Yes, readme is wrong.

> 2) next option: latex. It's great, except for the fact cells are float, and so I have some of the markdown and heading cells that are displaced after or before the place they should be. (This is latex, I know :) )

Are they ? You could probably open an issue with minimal example so that we can see what can be done.
I think the goal is to keep cell in the order they appear.

> 3) next option (and probably the most natural) would be a html. But if I try I get the error at the end of this mail. I use ipython 0.13.1.rc2 shipped with Ubuntu Quantal. 

Is it julian Taylor PPA ? Last IPython master have a refactoring of css that moved files around, but it should fail on fbm.css and not boilerplate IIRC
Still it should work on 0.13.1 version.
Maybe Ubuntu ship boilerplate.css somewhere else in another package...

Can you tell us the content of 
if there is a style.min.css it imply you are on dev version of IPython

Do you have a 
folder? (Yes imply you are on dev version also)

> Do anyone knows what's going on? (Do I have to change version of Ipython?)

We are rebuilding nbconvert from scratch right now, you can look at the "jinja template" Pull request if you want, but it is still experimental. 

If you can share your notebook isn't 
enough to share ?

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