[IPython-User] New CopyrightX SE community (off-topic?)

Kevin ipythonstudent@eml...
Sun Feb 17 13:22:49 CST 2013

Hi All,

For anyone that sees this post as off-topic, I offer my apologies, but I
kind-of feel like the subject of copyright is relevant to pretty much
everything on The Internet, and especially germane to programming, so
after thinking about it, I decided to post here.

I'm one of 500 students from all over the world enrolled in a free
Harvard Law School class taught through the auspices of the edX.org
initiative. I feel very lucky to be participating in this course, and
I've learned more about copyright in the last 3 weeks than in the
previous 10 years I think. Amazing course!

I've become so enthusiastic about the course and the subject that I'm
trying to raise awareness about a StackExchange.com (SE) community that
I just proposed yesterday and that I hope will ultimately attract many
of my fellow students and other interested people from all over the

I may be suffering from a bit of naivety, but I'm optimistic that this
CopyrightX SE community might someday evolve to be a serious influence
on copyright reform throughout the world.

If anyone is interested, please consider following the community on SE
by going here:


and clicking the orange "Follow It!" button. Maybe even contribute a few
example questions.

Thanks and again, my apologies to anyone who perceives this as spam.


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