[IPython-User] nbconvert converts to/from IPyNB or just from IPyNb?

Nitin Borwankar nborwankar@gmail....
Sat Feb 23 16:24:28 CST 2013

Hello all,

Sorry if this is a really dumb question and/or a FAQ.

First some context to avoid the inevitable - "what are you really trying to

I have a small amount of funding to create educational content in data
science in open formats and free licenses so as to be re-usable and
mashable by the Internet community.

I would like to author most of my non-code content in vanilla Markdown or
Asciidoc in a text editor first. I would like to then "import into" or
"convert to" IPy NBk so as to then do further authoring and testing of the
inline code.

I need to take existing Markdown and convert it TO IPython format.

The Readme for nbconvert says it converts to/from but the examples and
usage only shows *from* IPython to others.  I need the other way around.

For obvious reasons there is a need, in this scenario, to convert the
initial Markdown to multiple formats using pandoc (HTML, PDF, Slidey, ...).
Most of these will be exposition of the subject and will not contain live
code.  The Notebook format will be for exercises injected into the content.

Another need is to keep example code modular and decoupled from the content
so as to be able to plug in R exercises or NumPy exercises or even MATLAB
exercises via a build tool depending on user need.


a) forgetting my eventual goal - if I just have some Markdown can I convert
to IPy Nbk easily - are there some tools - am I missing something about
nbconvert usage?

b) if my Markdown contains inline latex markup are there additional
requirements other than making sure mathjax etc is in the browser

Thanks much and sorry again if this is a FAQ.

Nitin Borwankar
@nitin on Twitter
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