[IPython-User] notebook server dies when logging out of terminal

K.-Michael Aye kmichael.aye@gmail....
Tue Feb 26 01:41:53 CST 2013

I am using a notebook server profile on our fast linux server so that I 
can log onto the notebook server with the browser on my Macbook.
This works pretty well as long as I stay connected to the terminal 
where I am logged into the server.

I am lauching my notebookserver on a remote server like this:

ipython notebook --profile=nbserver &

to send the nbserver into the background, so that when I would 
disconnect because I am sending the macbook to sleep for a while, while 
changing the room and, most likely, the kind of network connection.
However, for some reason the nbserver always becomes unresponsive in a 
way. I still can log out and into the dashboard via the password 
protection, but cells from a newly openened notebook are not being 
executed, the '*' stays forever in front of each cell that was 

Further information:
I have configured the nbserver to use https:.

Anybody has any idea what might be going wrong or how I could set up a 
notebook server that stays alive independent from a ssh login?

Best regards,

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