[IPython-User] Simplest way to load nbviewer notebooks?

K.-Michael Aye kmichael.aye@gmail....
Tue Feb 26 18:09:00 CST 2013

So there are bookmarklets and extensions to open your currently open 
gist or notebook in nbviewer, but I am still a bit hassled by the 
current procedure to get a nbviewer notebook to open in my local 
1. Download Notebook
2. Safari goes on my nerves with attaching a .txt which I manually have 
to remove
3. Safari kills me by asking if I really want to do this.
4. Locate notebook file in Downloads folder
5. Drag it onto the notebook dashboard.

Isn't there any shorter way yet? Something like the %load magic for 
external python scripts? Or, how about a place where I can paste the 
url to the notebook download in and the rest works automagically? Am I 
missing some trick somewhere?

Thanks for any hints, and as always, thanks to the IPython team for 
their great work!

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