[IPython-User] (gg)plot sizing in rmagic

Jimmie ipython@chaj....
Fri Jan 4 17:19:56 CST 2013

I'm trying to set the units of png plots when invoking R from ipython via:

%%R -w 300 -h 200 -u "px"

but get an error back:

UsageError: argument -u/--units: invalid int value: u"'px'"

Looking at the rmagic.py extensions source, it seems that argparse expects the 
value as an int which doesn't seem to make much sense to me since the rmagic 
doc (http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/dev/config/extensions/rmagic.html) states:

-u UNITS, --units UNITS

   Units of png plotting device sent as an argument to png in R. One of [“px”,
   “in”, “cm”, “mm”].

Any ideas here? Thanks in advance.


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